Thursday, January 8, 2009

Resolve to get involved

In my 54 years of living, I've never been one to make new year's resolutions. Basically, I don't want to hold myself to that kind of personal accountability...

However, I've made an exception this year-perhaps because of age, place in life, or maybe the stars are aligned-just kidding. I've resolved, and challenged others to do so, to be involved. Involved in what? In the lives of others...not just involved, but present, available.

I don't want to be someone who is thinking about what I'm going to say next, or what's next on my agenda, or the things I need to complete, or the list goes on...I want to be giving them my full attention.

What was I saying? Just kidding. May your new year be meaningful.


a.helms said...

thank you so much for updating this. I have never made resolutions either. I have always saw them as promises.I don't make promises I don't know that I can't keep. I kinda like that resolution to be involved though. I just might consider it.

Becky Ussery said...


One way or another, I always seem to be able to track you down! Was looking up a few old friends and thought of you...did a little research and came across your blog. Hope you and you're family are well. Your kids must be all grown up by now. Just wanted to touch base and say hello.

My Best,
Becky Ussery

The Food Group said...

54... you are sooo young Paul..
I tried 54, and moved on..