Wednesday, July 1, 2009

32 years....and more to come

Last week my lovely bride and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary.'s hard to conceive that we've been married for 32 years. More alarming, our oldest son will be turning 30 in August. What's up with that? I look in the mirror and can't believe I'm old enough to have a son that age...must less four adult children.

We spent our anniversary on the beach (Belleair beach in Florida) with our daughter and Sandy's brother and sister (who by the way celebrated their 29th anniversary last week as well).

During that time, I actually spent some quiet time walking on the beach and looking back at all the activities of those years--having four great kids, staying married to the same woman (or should I say she stayed with me in spite of me), taking several occupational journeys (teacher, interior designer, principal, tractor trailer relocater, editor, writer, pastor), my wife's second bout with cancer, my myasthenia gravis, various moves (Florida, Virginia, Hawaii, Texas, Colorado, and North Carolina), parents aging and the passing away of my mom and father-in-law, kids discovering life (both joyous and prayerful moments), and the list goes on...and on...

It's hard to believe. I think I've forgotten more things than I remember, and I realize that there's still more to come. And in the midst of it thing I know, God has been a constant throughout it all and will continue to be so.

That is comforting to know.

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