Monday, August 24, 2009

Courteously revere one another...

"Out of respect for Christ, be courteously reverent to one another." Eph. 5:21

I've thought about this verse all day....Paul is talking to the Ephesian church and he's transitioning to a conversation with them about how they should live as family.

I just can't get out of my head how life would change...sometimes drastically...if we considered to courteously revere people as we interact with them...everyone.

Think about it....courteously revere. I grew up in the baptist camp in the south and we were taught to respect folk but I have to defer to those of you who understand what it means to revere friend said "it's a step above respect."

Wow, what if we courteously (that needs no definition) revered (honored someone a step above respect) everyone we come in contact with on a daily matter who they are...what they do...what we think?

It means we totally die to self, not just talk about it...and we honor them one step above respect. How would that change the way we interact with folks?

Just a thought...

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Betsy said...

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