Sunday, October 4, 2009

How may I serve you?

Wow, we ( closed our UNITED series today by sending our folks out to serve at seven different locations. I had the privilege to serve at Plaza Baptist Church ( with about 85 Brookies and about 25 folks from Plaza.

I was humbled, impressed, and amazed...these folks joined together to paint the hallways and classrooms in a two-story education building at the church and handed out light bulbs and picked up trash in several neighborhoods. Meanwhile, there were hundreds of other folks at other locations throughout the area doing the same thing.

We were being the church, and it reminded me again, that serving shouldn't only be a special time or place where we do something for others, but it should be a way of life...our lifestyle...our mission...our should be something in our blood...our spirit...just sayin'.

So, for anyone reading this...are you a servant? a servant leader? a servant follower? how 'bout a good ol' servant? Ask yourself, "how may I serve the people around me?"

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